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Women who like smoking wholesale cigarettes are prone to disease

Woman smoking Marlboro cigarettes online, is this good?There is no doubt that this is very bad, as long as it is harmful to the health of the body, but as a woman, the impact on the body more. Here are some of my analysis, I hope that all women are able to take a look at it, this is good for their own.

If the woman in the oral contraceptives, plus her smoking Cheap Cigarettes Online, it is very easy to suffer from cardiovascular disease, and with the growth of age, the risk will be higher. A solemn reminder: women over 35 years of age should stop using oral contraceptives. If this woman is pregnant, it must not smoke, because the chemical composition of tobacco will be transmitted to the fetus through blood vessels. These toxic chemicals can cause great harm to the health of the fetus and the pregnant woman. According to a survey by the women's health department in Boston, it is possible to continue smoking during pregnancy, which may lead to premature birth, low birth weight, premature rupture of the amniotic fluid, abortion, placental location, and death of newborn babies.Pregnant women who smoke the baby will have the same as her nicotine concentration, that is, a few days after their birth, it is going to experience a smoking cessation process. Also, the risk of female infertility will increase the risk of smoking. For female smokers, especially want to postpone pregnancy age, they are likely to be due to smoking and childbearing and lead to infertility. Compared to non smokers, female smokers will be higher than the birth problem 72%. More and more experiments have proved that smoking can reduce ovulation and increase the difficulty of the combination of egg and sperm, and increase the difficulty of implantation. And tobacco inside the chemical substances will change the composition of the cervical secretions, so that sperm "poisoning", so as to increase the difficulty of the success of pregnancy, so that it is easy to cause infertility. Moreover, female smokers have a higher risk of pelvic inflammatory disease than non-smokers 33%. Pelvic inflammatory disease, which is the most common cause of ectopic pregnancy, is the most common cause of ectopic pregnancy. In addition, pelvic inflammatory disease can also lead to infertility. If you don't want to get older, you should stop smoking, because if a woman teens start smoking, it is 3 times more likely to get ahead of the menopause than the average person. Female smokers may be 2 to 3 years earlier than others appear menopause symptoms.

Female friends, if you don't want to be sick, don't want to have disease of Department of gynaecology, don't want to get old, want to have a healthy baby, then you should not smoke USA Cigarettes, if in the smoking women, or as early as possible to give up smoking, only stay away from Marlboro cigarettes, in order to have a healthy body. I think women should try to give up smoking for their baby, because maternal love is great.Smoking is a great damage to women, in order to live longer and better, stay away from smoking.