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The school gate grab doll machine appeared Newport cigarettes

Grab doll machine placed in front of the school, which is put some Newport Menthol cigarettes, come and play are all students, the Department should be a tube. Recently, some people broke this news, some schools and primary schools appeared at the door a new type of sale of cheap Newport cigarettes - grab the doll machine.

From the pictures can be seen in the news broke, so the sale of the way to attract a lot of primary and secondary school students. January 5th at noon, the reporter came to the point of the news, the middle school is opposite the small shop. Reporter contrast whistleblowers to shoot pictures, originally placed in front of the store caught doll machine has disappeared, replaced by a freezer. Reporters walked into the shop, found that the doll inside the wholesale Newport cigarette has been removed, two machines have been pulled out of the plug, stacked in the corner. Reporters to the shop owner asked, caught doll is anybody, why in front of the gate of the school, shop owner always refused to answer, just repeat the phrase "morning has happened, while people called to it (grasping dolls) away". Reporters learned from the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, the two shops have tobacco monopoly retail license, but the police have given different results. Joint law enforcement in the west end, the west police will characterize the behavior gaming has been lawfully detained machine and related responsible persons, and another district police believes that "grasp hood" by grasping the doll machine transformation shall belong to the game machine, not suspected of betting, has been in contact with the teaching the relevant departments of the school broke point for subsequent processing.

Why the sale of the same behavior was sentenced to two results? It is understood, due to the existing laws and regulations and not to "grasp hood" sales have made specific provisions, a voice that "grasp hood" sales is a small broad, a dollar coin, there is likely to get Newport cigarettes worth tens of dollars, and some shops can be for customers to the smoke caught in exchange for money, and therefore are disguised gambling behavior; another school believes that "grasp hood" in fact, is to grasp variants of the doll machine, if the lower the turnover shall and game machine, which belongs to the entertainment. The use of grab machine sales of tobacco is a new type of tobacco sales behavior, involving multiple departments, different situations will have different processing results. "If illegal lane, belongs to the scope of the jurisdiction of the urban management, if in campus distances within 50 meters sales, belonging to the education department under the jurisdiction of the category". Next, Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, construction joint, such as public security, industry and commerce, urban management, culture and law enforcement departments within the scope of the city to carry out around the campus tobacco special rectification action, also from the minor a clean and healthy learning environment.Smoking cheap Newport Cigarette is not allowed in the behavior of students, all of us should supervise this case, to protect minors.