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Do you can smoke Marlboro cigarettes for two years?

Marlboro Cigarettes are a fast moving consumer goods, I think we have not heard of cheap Marlboro cigarettes will expire, or that will have worms,because in general,we buy cigarette are soon finished smoking, will not be stored for a long time and a lot of people think tobacco toxic, not bred worms, many people will put cigarettes soaked in water, then use these insecticidal liquid, never heard of Marlboro red cigarettes would give birth to worms. But there are friends to open the store for 2 years after the cigarette, but found that there was a terrible insect. This is an incredible thing for many people.So what kind of worms actually be able to survive in the cigarette, and now we have to enlighten me on this insect!

This worm is called "tobacco beetle" pests, which can be toxic tobacco consumption,many insects do not consume tobacco, which is poison to most insects, but this particular beetle can survive in the tobacco. Tobacco beetle belongs to eat bones, the English common name death-watch beetle. The beetle's body length of 2mm, adept at hiding in discount Marlboro cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco goods with shipping migration, mainly feeding on dry plant foods, particularly fond of spices, herbal tea class food, if these ingredients not good sealing, it is easy to be stationed in the tobacco beetle.So why does the worm grow in a sealed wholesale Marlboro gold cigarettes? Because in the process of cigarette production, egg attachment on tobacco leaves, it is difficult to completely clean, so the worms in the Marlboro cigarettes, constant propagation, directly to the people caused huge economic losses. If we are in the face of this pest, we must destroy them immediately, because they will play dead when frightened, so do not be fooled. Thus we must warn you that the world has a lot of small beetles, usually when storing food or tobacco, preferably sealed storage. After the discovery of tobacco vermin, to be directly discarded, can not apply again and again.

There is a time limit for each kind of thing, and the Marlboro cigarettes may not be an exception. Put the discount Marlboro cigarette for a long time, not only taste changed, and there may be worms, so that those who are smoking, be sure to pay attention to, usually in the smoking process, should note that there is no worms,buy cigarettes, and try not stored for too long, but also to ensure that cigarettes can not put damp places. Some people may see cigarettes vermin,After all dare not to smoke, that is the best, but some still want to pay to save cheap Marlboro gold cigarettes, but also pay attention to the worms. Don't think, lit a cigarette to burn these bugs, then you can continue to pump the smoke, but you do not fear, the taste you can accept it? I think everyone can not accept, so it is to prevent bugs, then check the Marlboro lights cigarettes smoking is intact. Did you know that?